Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Its Called a Dirty little secret: Brian Day, Port Murray

Amerigas is the name of the company i purchased a home in port Murray new jersey after i closed on this home i was informed by this company that they owned the tank in the ground at my home and i needed to purchase propane from them and only them at the time i did not think anything about this but shortly after they informed me that the cost of propane was over 4 dollars per gallon my tank in the ground was a 1,000 .00 gallon tank so this was a separate mortgage payment i called the company and complained only to here from the employees in the Chester new jersey store that they can charge me anything they wanted to the industry was not regulated by the F.C.C i attempted to file a complaint against them only to here the same from the government i was devastated not realizing what i had gotten myself into with this company they can do what ever they wanted  once they determined that i had attempted to file this complaint they began to appease me by informing me that i should come into the store during the summer months to obtain an agreement with them to lock the rate in i did just that .  within a year or two this problem of remembering to make the agreement during the summer months became and issues as well i can recall several times during the winter months no one even showed up to place propane into my tank i called and called without any success in my mind i would think wow what if i my tank was empty i would not be able to heat my home or cook during the winter . so i tried to call other companies to deliver propane only to be told that i need to prove that i owned this tank in the ground at my home i said wow i own my home but can not purchase propane from anyone other that this company not good . i always feared the worse and it happened during the winter months of 2019 i returned home after being away for a short period of time only to find out that my tank had been locked by amerigas i called over to the Chester office was informed that i owed them $12,000.00 dollars i stated what are you talking about . 

it was winter cold very cold but they did not care management stated over and over again they can do whatever they wanted to do this industry is not regulated i stated wow i was going to see if i could do something about this problem i tried to call other companies once again no one would touch this tank because it was locked i was cold outside i had minor children living in my home i made them aware of this but they did not care . they stated over and over i owed the $12,000.00 dollars i stated where did you send your bill no response .

finally i called another company to remove their tank only to be told that this is amerigas practice to fill up the tank at their customers home and lock it preventing them from being able to use the propane in the tank as well as preventing them from digging up the tank for removal purposes . so i did what i had to do i purchased  my own tank placed it in the ground next to their tank and unplugged their tank from my home . i call this a dirty little secret because they know very well that no home owner would ever purchase a home allowing someone else to have control over their services . i called the corporate offices in P.A ONLY to be placed back in touch with the Chester office .

if you or someone else is having this problem with this company read my dirty little secret message and email me i will advise you what to do .


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